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At this time, we do not have any requirements for web-based services including marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC or copywriting.

Note that emails sent directly to our management team or customer service email will not be opened or read. We will also not respond to messages sent through social media. You must use the form below.

Supplier Selection Statement

Kri Skincare Ltd is a legally binding for-purpose company. In every aspect of our business operations, we consider the impact on people, animals and the planet. We want our customers to be assured that when they buy from Kri Skincare, they are buying a product that has been produced and marketed responsibly.

We consciously maintain a small roster of primary suppliers, and we take pride in our long-standing relationships with our supply chain partners.

When we seek out new suppliers, we do this proactively and research the company and its ethics. We expect our suppliers to:

- Publicly state their mission and ethics

- Publish CSR reports/statements

- Provided any externally verified accreditations/certifications

- Have a diverse ownership and workforce

- Be an equal opportunities and living wage employer

- Not test on animals

- Be an incorporated business in their primary trading territory

- Have a business bank account

As part of our vendor selection process:

- We prioritise local companies that contribute to the UK economy.

- We are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in our supply chain, and we actively monitor our progress in this area.

- We give preference to certified B Corporations.

For service-based suppliers including marketing agencies, we strictly rely on first-degree recommendations only from our extensive professional network.

If you are selected as a supplier, we may share the information you have provided with our certifying companies during any external audit. Furthermore, we may present your data in an anonymised format in our annual business impact report.