Kri Skincare

We make more with less

We believe skincare should be effortless, effective, and made with ingredients that are proven to work.

Our products are made with a tightly curated selection of hero ingredients for maximum impact. You won't find 20+ ingredients in any of our products when a lot less can do the job just as well. Why? How do you know what’s working/not working for your skin when there are so many ingredients in a single product? We're guided by science, efficacy and simplicity.

In case you were wondering, Krī (pronounced kree) - क्रि - is a Sanskrit term meaning to undertake an action or deed.

Rupa Wincell is the founder of Kri Skincare

"Krī Skincare is the culmination of everything I was searching for as a consumer: evidence-based ingredients, a gentler environmental footprint, ethics and transparency. A brand made with purpose. For better skin and a better planet." - Rupa, Krī Skincare founder


Krī Skincare is a certified B Corporation - a global movement of companies that are using business as a force for good.

Being certified to the highest and most rigorous global standards of accountability provides assurances to our customers that we do what we say we do.

We're committed to driving long-term positive changes as a responsible and transparent skincare business.

We’re proud to be the first British skincare brand founded and led by a woman of colour to achieve B Corp certification.

Kri Skincare Moisturisers

Responsible formulas

Raw materials that will not persist in the environment after the product's end-of-life are at the heart of our formulating values. In simple terms, that means ingredients in our products are biodegradable.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

We strongly believe animal-derived ingredients have no place on our face. That's why our entire product range has always been 100% vegan.

Animal testing on cosmetics has been banned in the European Union and United Kingdom since 2004. Our products are created and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The ingredients used in our products comply with a fixed cut-off date of 11 March 2013.

We do not sell our products in any country that requires animal testing. We are not owned by a parent company.

Product Packaging

Our minimalist branding and packaging reflect the purity and simplicity of the Krī Skincare product range, as well as our respect for the environment.

All of our products are housed in recyclable glass vessels. Product cartons are made from FSC certified paperboard and printed with vegetable inks. There's no plastic laminate coating these cartons.

Delivery Packaging

Every component in our delivery packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

The brown kraft delivery boxes are manufactured in the UK and they are fully recyclable. We don't use plastic tape to seal them.

The protective 'peanuts' are made from biodegradable corn starch and can be composted.

Kri Skincare ethics

Restoring & Rewilding Our Planet

Trees are the lungs of the earth, and everything lives where trees live. That's why we've chosen to support the restoration of forest habitats.

Since 2021, we have donated at least 1% of our annual product revenue to World Land Trust. These donations help fund the restoration of tropical forest habitats through WLT’s Plant a Tree programme, working with WLT’s overseas conservation partners.

By planting trees with WLT, local partner organisations around the world are given resources to provide permanent protection for wildlife, and in doing so, lock up carbon and address climate change. 

WLT has been saving land for more than 30 years, and today their work to protect existing tropical forest habitat is more important than ever to save what remains of these vital ecosystems.

Kri Skincare

Supply Chain

We consciously maintain a small roster of trusted ingredient and packaging suppliers, each of whom we stringently vet to ensure their certifications and ethics are aligned with our expectations.

Our UK-based product packaging supplier is ISO14001 accredited, which means they have targets to mitigate any adverse effects on the environment resulting from the business operation.

Our organic ingredient supplier is certified by the Soil Association and is one of the UK's largest producer of cold-pressed oils.

Our carton manufacturer is based in the UK. They are a certified B Corporation and they’ve received the World Land Trust certified carbon balanced packaging accreditation.