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How To Layer Your Skincare Products For The Best Results

Layering skincare in the right order can make your products all the more effective. By following these tips, you can ensure the products you are using fulfil their potential and offer the best possible results. 

Here at Krī, we have a ‘less is more’ approach to skincare that focuses on minimal, yet highly effective formulas and routines. But even when you opt for simplicity, there is still a method to applying your skincare products correctly to enhance their results.

Layering your skincare products in the right order ensures that certain ingredients have unrestricted access to the skin. Applying products in the wrong order can actually block these beneficial ingredients from doing their job.

How to layer your skincare products correctly

The general rule of thumb when it comes to skincare application is to start light. Order your products by consistency —thin, lightweight formulas will be the products you start with, and emollient-rich face creams are the ones you end with.

The reason for this methodology is so that active ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, have a clean slate for proper absorption. These ingredients are tiny, water soluble molecules that are delivered into the deeper layers of the skin through water-based serums where they are most effective.

In this step-by-step guide we’ll help you unlock and understand the full potential of your skincare routine. 

(Top tip: arrange your products from left to right like in this picture. That's the order in which to use them.)

Kri Skincare - how to layer your skincare products

The following steps should be applied to cleansed skin. 

Serums = The Boosters

After cleansing, your skin is ready for serum application, or as we like to call them —The Boosters. Always start with water-based serums first (Illume, Hydrate and Renew), followed by lipid-based serums.

Kri Skincare active serums

Water-based serums

Our water-based boosters are designed to target specific skin concerns.

Illume Niacinamide Serum provides a boost of hydration, helps minimise fine lines, brightens the complexion, and regulates oil production. With regular use, it will also help to reduce clogged pores.

Hydrate Moisture Serum is like a tall glass of water for thirsty skin. This calming serum locks in hydration and helps prevent moisture throughout the day.

Renew Exfoliate Serum contains gently exfoliating natural fruit acids. Use it twice a week as an overnight treatment serum to help smooth, resurface and soften the skin. 

These serums quickly and easily absorb into the skin, creating the perfect base for your next step. 

Kri Skincare Serums

 Lipid-based serums

Our antioxidant-rich lipid (oil) based serums are carefully blended with incredibly silky, lightweight oils.

Kri Skincare Vitamin C + Broccoli + Bakuchiol Serum

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and Bakuchiol - the active ingredients in Vitamin C + Broccoli Serum - are carried into the skin through broccoli and kalahari melon seed oils. But these are not just basic carrier oils - they provide their own reparative skin benefits.

Explore our range of Skin Boosting Serums

Facial Oils = The Nourishers

Our collection of facial oils —The Nourishers, have been meticulously selected for their skin-beneficial qualities. They're an optional step in evening routine, but we like to keep a bottle on hand for when our skin needs an additional dose of nourishment.

Kri Skincare Organic Face Oils

Prickly Pear Seed Oil is ideal for oily and combination skin types due to its light consistency and high linoleic acid (omega-6) content. This particular fatty acid helps to balance excess oil production preventing clogged pores and breakouts. However, all skin types can benefit from its nourishing and protective qualities.

Rosehip Seed Oil is a regenerative plant oil that can help repair and heal dry skin conditions improving texture and promoting elasticity.

For maximum nourishment, Replenish Super Seed Oil contains five seed oils from prickly pear, broccoli, cucumber, melon and grape. It's reparative, soothing and particularly helpful during colder months of the year.

If you don’t want the added step of facial oil in your layering routine, mix a few drops with your nighttime moisturiser. 

Kri Skincare Moisturisers

Moisturiser = The Essentials

Moisturising is the next layer in your skincare routine. Moisturisers contain emollient oils and waxes to help seal in all of your skincare products. They create a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss.

Choose Endless Moisturiser for a richer, more nourishing cream. 

Timeless Moisturiser has a milky, lightweight texture and is best suited to oily/combination skin.

Sunscreen = The Essentials

Sunscreen is essential. All of the above steps are pointless if you don’t protect your skin from sun damage. Apply your sunscreen as the final step at the end of your morning skincare routine.

Kri Skincare SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen

Our broad-spectrum SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen is made with 22% non-nano zinc oxide. It forms a protective barrier that shields your skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Find out why sunscreen is not just for sunny days over at The Knowledge Center.

Following this layering guide will ensure that all of your products have the best possible chance of performing well, and your skin is getting the full benefits of each specific ingredient.

Are you ready to start layering the right way?


This article was originally written by Bryanna Martonis PhD, an ethical content creator and beauty awards judge. It has since been updated by Gabrielle Richens, a veteran model-turned-NVQ-qualified skin therapist, and an online skin coach.