Seasonal Skincare: How and When to Switch Your Routine

Seasonal Skincare: How and When to Switch Your Routine

Should you change up your skincare for winter and summer? Do different seasons require a new lineup? Discover how the weather impacts your skin and learn how to transition to a new routine when the temperature signals it is time for a change.

Should You Change Skincare Each Season?

When it comes to skincare routines, consistency is best. However, when the weather changes and new conditions start to affect our complexion, it may be time to switch things up. You want your skin to be at its optimum performance so it is always soft and smooth, and transitioning to a new ritual for winter and summer is a great way to maintain that healthy glow.

Studies show that changes in temperature, humidity and sunlight can have a visible impact on the texture and appearance of the skin, and cooler weather, in particular, can lead to dramatic changes. With science proving that specific times of the year require extra care, the idea of seasonal skincare rituals offers a simple solution.

When Should I Switch My Skincare Routine?

It is great to shift to your seasonal routine before any visible changes can be seen in your skin, as this reduces the damage from temperature, light, and humidity fluctuations. As soon as the weather starts to shift, consider transitioning your current lineup.

Skincare for cold and windy seasons

When the months begin to grow dark and the weather shifts to rain or snow, it's time to break out the intensive treatments. All skin types will benefit from a little extra hydration and moisture during the cold seasons, as the skin barrier is more stressed during this blustery weather. Winter and spring, in particular, should be all about adding nourishment and protection as the combination of central heating and frigid temperatures outdoors can do a number on our hands, faces, elbows and feet.

Nutrient-rich oils like prickly pearrosehip and squalane are favourites for this time of year, as the fatty acids and vitamins help tackle flaky skin, restore softness and soothe irritation caused by the weather. Formulas containing glycerin and hyaluronic acid are also a great choice as they reduce trans-epidermal water loss and retain moisture on the skin's surface. Consider adding in some extra exfoliation too as this helps prevent rough patches of dryness.

Skincare for hot and sunny seasons

For sunny stretches full of warm and bright days, most skin appreciates a lighter touch. Gentle hydration and soothing ingredients are ideal for the summer season, as the face and body are thirsty and looking to restore moisture levels. The strength of the sun's rays can damage the skin and leave it tight and irritated. Elevated heat leads to excess oil production, and dry air causes the skin to be thirsty. For this reason, the hot and sunny months should focus on lightweight and replenishing products.

Ingredients that are a similar weight to natural sebum such as jojoba are great options for summer skincare routines, and formulas that contain ultra-lightweight oils like watermelon will be a perfect match for these warm months. 

Be sure to find a great cleanser to use every morning and evening as it will prevent sweat and grime from building up on your skin, leading to breakouts. 

Also, don't forget to apply sunscreen regularly.

How Can I Switch My Skincare Routine?

Luckily, changing up your skincare routine for the summer or winter is pretty easy. All it takes is a little forward-thinking. If you are familiar with your complexion, it is easy to spot when it's time for some extra care or a new approach. Read your body's cues, and start the process early so your skin can always be at its best.

When the days begin to feel colder in autumn or warmer in late spring, slowly start to change out your products. This can be as simple as just swapping out a lotion for a richer cream or adding in an oil. If you are going for a completely new seasonal skincare ritual, try to only switch out one item at a time. This helps ensure your face and body respond well to the transition and there is no irritation caused by an abrupt change. Most importantly, enjoy the process!


- Bryanna Martonis is Krī Skincare's staff content writer, an ethical lifestyle blogger and beauty awards judge.