Zinc Oxide

Broad spectrum UV filter to protect against harmful damage from the sun's rays.

Category: UV filter

Benefits: Broad spectrum UV filter to protect against harmful damage from the sun's rays.

Who it's for: Suitable for all skin types

Find it in: SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen

Zinc Oxide is a versatile mineral compound that offers a plethora of benefits for the skin. 

The most important benefit of zinc oxide is its ability to provide broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. As a physical sunscreen ingredient, zinc oxide forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, reflecting and scattering both UVA and UVB rays. This helps to prevent sunburn and premature ageing caused by UVA-induced skin damage. Unlike so-called 'chemical' sunscreens, which may cause irritation for some, zinc oxide is known for its non-irritating properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

In addition to its sun-protective qualities, zinc oxide also possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help calm and soothe irritation and redness, making it an excellent ingredient for addressing various skin concerns, including rosacea, eczema, and acne.

Furthermore, zinc oxide has been found to promote wound healing and tissue repair. It aids in the regeneration of damaged skin cells, helping wounds to heal more quickly and effectively. This explains why zinc oxide is often the first ingredient in creams treating minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, as well as nappy rash.

’Non-nano zinc oxide’, refers to the particle size. A nanoparticle is smaller than 100 nanometers. The term "non-nano" indicates that the zinc oxide particles used in the sunscreen are larger than 100 nanometers. Nano-sized particles are extremely small and can potentially penetrate the skin barrier and enter the bloodstream. 

Krī Skincare’s SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen contains 22% non-nano zinc oxide.