Pentylene Glycol

A multi-functional skincare ingredient derived from natural plant sources.

Category: Humectant / Preservative

Benefits: Formulation enhancer and stabiliser, hydrator, improves the efficacy of product ingredients and preserves shelf-life.

Who it's for:  Suitable for all skin types.

Find it in: SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen

Pentylene glycol is a multi-functional skincare ingredient derived from natural plant sources such as corn cobs or sugar cane, but it can also be lab-derived. It serves as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin to improve hydration, and as a solvent, dissolving other ingredients to improve the texture of skincare formulas.

Its proven antimicrobial properties help preserve skincare formulations and protect them from yeast, mould, and bacteria, thus extending a product's shelf life. Its gentle nature makes it suitable for sensitive skin types. 

The pentylene glycol found in Kri’s SFP30 Mineral Sunscreen is derived from sugar cane and is Ecocert-approved.